Yuhki Kidaka homage in KOF ‘98 UMOL

In the free mobile game “KOF ‘98 UMOL” there’s a mini game called “Ultimate Trial” where you have to climb a tower by fighting enemy teams waiting for you in each floor. Every time you beat a new personal record, this image will appear:

We don’t know if it was a big coincidence or a tribute, but the fact is that it’s very similar to this fanart, by the artist Yuhki Kidaka:

Note that the characters trying to cockblock Iori and Kyo are the same in both images and they even have similar poses and expressions… the fanart dates from the early 2000s so it’s more than a decade older than the game.

Either way, watherever Iori and Kyo were doing alone in the last floor of that tower was completely ruined… 

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