Magical Guild, Kashi, Kurumanba – Marble Chocolate [ENG]

Marble Chocolate
 まじかるギルド (Magical Guild), 華氏  (Kashi), Kurumanba (くるまんば)​
Authors: Shiu☆Kazuki​ (愁☆一樹), Aya Shouoto (硝音あや), Kuruma Kazuki (くるまかずき​)
Release date: 1998/02/14
Pages: 62
Summary: Valentine’s Day stories. In “Valentine Kiss”, by Aya Shouoto, Kyo receives too many chocolates at school, unleashing the redhead’s jealousy. In “Chocolate Panic”, by Shiu☆Kazuki, the true feelings of two Kyos become clear with a little help. Lastly, in “Sweet Valentine?”, by Kuruma Kazuki, Kyo feels uncertain about giving a present to Yagami. This book also includes a short crossover featuring the characters of the three authors.

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