Official KOF condoms by Okamoto

Over the years, SNK has authorized the commercialization of all sorts of merchandise related to its franchises: mangas, magazines, key chains, t-shirts, plushies, stationery, figures and even a bottle of Geese’s soy sauce. But it’s very likely that the most unusual item on the list would be a line of KOF condoms. That’s right: condoms!



With the approval of SNK China, in 2017 the company 冈本 (Okamoto) released two models of condoms boxes illustrated with characters from KOF. The condoms didn’t have any distinctive decoration, but fans of the game could keep the boxes of sturdier material if they wished. One of the illustrations included Terry, Mai, Athena, Iori and Kyo, while the second design featured only Iori and Kyo. Below you can check out advertising arts, pictures of the boxes and a [comic strip] also published at the time: 



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