Enterbrain – The King of Fighters x2 Fighters​ [JPN]

The King of Fighters x2 Fighters​ 
Publisher: Enterbrain (エンターブレイン)
Story and illustrations: Rika Saitou (さいとうりか), Hiroaki (ヒロアキ), Taimu Zenigata (銭形たいむ), Duo Brand, Ryo Kitakami (北神諒), Atsushi Natsushiro (夏代篤志), Michiru Mizusawa (水沢充), Nao, Aeri Ikusabe (戦部愛絵理) 
Release date: 2001/01/25 
Pages: 154
[DOWNLOAD] // Language: Japanese


  • This is an official manga containing a few colored illustrations, Yonkoma (4 panel comics) and short stories from various artists focused in KOF ‘99 and ‘2000 games; 
  • We’ll post only a few pages bellow as a sample, so we ask that you use the download link to have access to the complete manga.

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