The King of Fighters: A New Beginning – Vol.1

The first volume of the KOF A New Beginning manga will be released on August 9th, 2018. Pre-orders are already available.

The cost is approximately 700 yen (around US$7).

Amazon Japan offers international shipping, and its website has an English-friendly version.

But there’s more. Different bookstores offer different cards as bonuses, and the first edition comes with an illustration featuring Kyo and Antonov.

Let’s support the manga and its beautiful depiction of the Kyo and Iori relationship :3.

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↑ Bonus illustration card included in the first edition.
↑ Bonus for orders placed with [ Melon Books ].
↑ Bonus for orders placed with [ Wonder Goo ].
↑ Bonus for orders placed with [ Tora no Ana ].
↑ Bonus for orders placed with [ Animate ].
↑ Bonus for orders placed with [ Gamers ].

Thematic KOF Cafe event announced in Japan

In Japan thematic cafes for anime and videogame series are very popular, in such events you can find food and drinks inspired in the characters, get some prizes and buy limited goodies. Usually the staff will decorate the place with posters of the series and sometimes even have cosplayers working in the cafe.

And now it’s The King of Fighters turn to get their own thematic cafe! Such events will be held at Ikebukuro, Osaka, Nagoya and Akihabara during the months of May and June, more information (in Japanese) can be found [HERE]and [HERE].

There you’ll find dishes and drinks like these:


And for each order you make, you’ll get a random coaster of one of the 10 characters below: 

K’, Ash, Kyo, Iori, Shingo, Alba, Hein, King, Rock and Shun’ei are the poster characters of the event! Which one is your favorite?

You can also buy limited merchandise, that includes badges:

Acrylic holders:

Acrylic stands:


These are flat pieces of acrylic with a transparent background, they come with a circular base so you can stick the character on it and use it as a decoration, like shown below (image from Falcoon Twitter):

Mouse pads:

And more:

We don’t know if the merchandise will be sold at the SNK Online Store later, but we hope so!