Ultimate Powers – Love Fool [ENG]

Love Fool
Circle: Ultimate Powers
Author: RURU
Release date: 1997/06/29
Pages: 24
Summary: This is a story about the 2P versions (alternate colors) of Kyo and Iori. 2P!Kyo realizes that having the same physical aspect as the original Kyo doesn’t mean anything when the original Iori is involved.
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Also available in [Spanish], [Portuguese] and [Japanese


Magical Guild, Kashi, Kurumanba – Marble Chocolate [ENG]

Marble Chocolate
 まじかるギルド (Magical Guild), 華氏  (Kashi), Kurumanba (くるまんば)​
Authors: Shiu☆Kazuki​ (愁☆一樹), Aya Shouoto (硝音あや), Kuruma Kazuki (くるまかずき​)
Release date: 1998/02/14
Pages: 62
Summary: Valentine’s Day stories. In “Valentine Kiss”, by Aya Shouoto, Kyo receives too many chocolates at school, unleashing the redhead’s jealousy. In “Chocolate Panic”, by Shiu☆Kazuki, the true feelings of two Kyos become clear with a little help. Lastly, in “Sweet Valentine?”, by Kuruma Kazuki, Kyo feels uncertain about giving a present to Yagami. This book also includes a short crossover featuring the characters of the three authors.

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Also available in [English]. [Portuguese] and [Japanese]. 


Iron Bird – Sweet Obscenity [ENG]

Sweet Obscenity
Circle: Iron Bird
Authors: Misa Hamuro &  Natsumi Nono
Release: 2000/11/- 
Pages: 24
Summary: Billy spends a peaceful moment with Geese-sama. The doujinshi includes a a 10-page novel, which has also been translated. The story recounts how Billy and Geese met.

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Also available in [Spanish], [Portuguese] and [Japanese]