Azure – Snake Finger [ENG]

Snake Finger ( スネークフィンガー)
Circle: Azure 
Author: Yuhki Kidaka (きだかゆうき) 
Release: 1996/08/04 
Pages: 30
Summary: Iori suffers a curse that can only be lifted by a Kusanagi. Part one of a funny story by Azure; read the continuation in Snake Brain.

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 Also available in [Spanish], [Portuguese] and [Japanese].


Tzura Kyoudai – Nishimura-san no Okazu [ENG]


Nishimura-san no Okazu (西村さんのおかず)
Circle: Tzura Kyoudai (づら姉妹)
Authors: Natsuki Woo (九月うー) and Itsuki Imase (今瀬イツキ)
Release date: 1998/08/14
Pages: 70
Summary: There are three stories included in this book. The first one is ShingoxKyo. The second is about Iori and Kyo going to a fireworks festival, with Iori enjoying the view of Kyo wearing a yukata. In the third story, Iori goes with Kyo to the school at night.

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Also available in [Spanish], [Portuguese] and [Japanese]