Q: I’m new to The King of Fighters series, where can I learn more about the story and the characters?

A: Welcome! One of the best sites to get official information in English is the [KOF Anniversary Site], it contains the backstories of each team since ‘94 until XIII, characters profiles, official art and more. You can also check the [SNK Wiki], but since not everything is sourced, it may contain some wrong information. 

Q: Why did you decide to make this blog?

A: Both admins have been fans of the series for a long time and we wanted to share our collection so more people can enjoy it. Also, as some doujinshis are more than 20 years old, we wanted to create a place to keep track of circles and authors since it’s hard to find info about them nowadays.

Q: Why most of the doujinshis you post are Iori/Kyo?

A: Back in the day, it was one of the most popular pairings of the series so they got a lot of doujinshis. They are also the admins eternal OTP so we can’t help it!

Q: What kind of doujinshis can we expect to see?

A: Most of them focus on the relationship between Iori and Kyo, but not all of them are romantical. There are a few ones with other pairings as well. 

Q: How often will you update the site?

A: We are just 2 people doing this as a hobby so we can’t promise anything, providing new scans can take some time as well so please be patient ^^

Q: I want to translate one of the doujinshis, is it okay? 

A: Yes, sure! Just let us know and then share the translations here, we’ll credit you back in the post 🙂

Q: Can I share the scans in other sites?

A: That’s fine, just please link this tumblr as the source.

Q: Who is the author of the sidebar image? Where can I find it?

A: That illustration is from Ruru and was published in [Over Doser]. You can find a hight res version of it [here].