The King of Fighters ‘99 – PART 2/3

The King of Fighters ‘99 – PART 2/3
Publisher: DNA Media Comics
Authors: Shou Akitzuki, So Memai, Taiga, Zansu Yoshiiku, Beruno Mikawa, Jin Tatsumi, Kei Majima, Wataru Hirano
Release date: 2000/04/01
Pages: 170
[DOWNLOAD] // Language: Japanese

[PART 1] // [PART 3]


  • This is an official manga containing 8 short stories from various artists focused in KOF ‘99;
  • We’ll post the manga in 3 parts, but the download link will offer the full manga.


Geibunsha – The King of Fighters ‘96 Anthology [JPN]

The King of Fighters ‘96 Anthology
Publisher: Geibunsha
Story: 藤紀一之 , 臼井之英 , 佐々木郁美 , 倉田三世 and 青木智彦 
Illustrations: 河内和泉 , Ruru and きがわ琳
Release date: 1997/02/28
Pages: 214
[DOWNLOAD] // Language: Japanese

Note: this is an official visual novel (a book with some illustrations) and below we are posting only the images. Please download it in the indicated link to get the full book.