Jungle King – Tengoku made no 100 mairu [PT-BR]

Tengoku made no hyaku mairu (天国までの100マイル | “100 milhas para o céu”)
Autora: Tango Shinjuku (新宿タンゴ)
Círculo: Jungle King (ジャングルキング)
Publicado em: 2000/12/29
Páginas: 47
Resumo: Kyo está ferido e Iori cuida dele.
[DOWNLOAD] // Idioma: Porutugês // Tradução: [Kimi Dake

Also available in [Japanese], [English] and [Spanish].


TEMPO – The case of the murdered secretaries [ENG]

The case of the murdered secretaries (ふたりの敏腕秘書殺人事件)
Author: Kanako Hitaki (鶲かなこ)
Release date: 2000/12/29
Pages: 18
Summary: A collection of short stories focused on the Billy, Ripper, Hopper and Geese.

[DOWNLOAD] // Language: English // Translation: [Shades of Flames]

Also available in [Japanese], [Spanish] and [Portuguese].