Kurumanba – Dramatic’97 [ENG]

Dramatic ‘97
Author: Kazuki Kuruma (くるまかずき) 
Circle: Kurumanba  (くるまんば) 
Release date: 1997/12/28 (original edition)  /  1998/06/07 (revised) 
Pages: 38
Summary: Collection of short stories showing Shingo’s encounter with 1P Kyo,  and Kyo and Iori having to share a hotel room, Kyo and Iori trying to arrange a trip, and Kyo and Iori sharing the arrival of a New Year.
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Also available in [Spanish], [Portuguese] and [Japanese].


TEMPO – The case of the murdered secretaries [ENG]

The case of the murdered secretaries (ふたりの敏腕秘書殺人事件)
Author: Kanako Hitaki (鶲かなこ)
Release date: 2000/12/29
Pages: 18
Summary: A collection of short stories focused on the Billy, Ripper, Hopper and Geese.

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Also available in [Japanese], [Spanish] and [Portuguese].


Ultimate Powers – Love Fool [ENG]

Love Fool
Circle: Ultimate Powers
Author: RURU
Release date: 1997/06/29
Pages: 24
Summary: This is a story about the 2P versions (alternate colors) of Kyo and Iori. 2P!Kyo realizes that having the same physical aspect as the original Kyo doesn’t mean anything when the original Iori is involved.
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Also available in [Spanish], [Portuguese] and [Japanese