Ultimate Powers – Love Fool [ENG]

Love Fool
Circle: Ultimate Powers
Author: RURU
Release date: 1997/06/29
Pages: 24
Summary: This is a story about the 2P versions (alternate colors) of Kyo and Iori. 2P!Kyo realizes that having the same physical aspect as the original Kyo doesn’t mean anything when the original Iori is involved.
[DOWNLOAD] // Language: English // Translation: [Shades of Flames]
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Also available in [Spanish], [Portuguese] and [Japanese


Azure – Snake Finger [ENG]

Snake Finger ( スネークフィンガー)
Circle: Azure 
Author: Yuhki Kidaka (きだかゆうき) 
Release: 1996/08/04 
Pages: 30
Summary: Iori suffers a curse that can only be lifted by a Kusanagi. Part one of a funny story by Azure; read the continuation in Snake Brain.

[DOWNLOAD] // Language: English // Translation: [Shades of Flames

 Also available in [Spanish], [Portuguese] and [Japanese].